jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Mimo in english !

Chic !!!! Mimo en anglais ! Disponible dés à présent sur le site EIDOLA !

Traduction réalisée par l'écrivain britannique et photographe Rudolf Abraham.
La grande classe !

Yes! Yes ! Yes !
MIMO the little ornithomimosaur IN ENGLISH ! Now available on the website EIDOLA !

Translated from french by the British writer and photographer Rudolf Abraham.
Great !
The paleontological site of Angeac- Charente (France)
Angeac-Charente: today a charming little village lost in the Charente countryside, 130 million years ago a place teeming with prehistoric life…. It is here that the longest femur yet discovered anywhere in the world was recently unearthed, and over a thousand other bones have also been discovered at the site so far.
Journey back in time to the Charente of 130 million years ago, and enjoy the humorous adventures of Mimo and his friend Hector, two brave – and to their families, rather unusual looking – little dinosaurs. Discover the fascinating prehistoric fauna of this region in an illustrated bestiary. And follow the story of the discovery of what promises to be one of the largest dinosaur deposits in Europe, and the spectacular finds of the excavations there in 2010 and 2011, as they unfold in the pages of celebrated French comic strip artist Mazan’s sketchbook.

Rudolf Abraham & Mazan- 2008

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